Why OHSAS 18001?

Employees expect a safe and healthy working environment, and they perform better when their employer’s care for their safety is reflected in well regulated conditions. Companies working with OHSAS 18001 show that they take an interest in their employees’ working conditions, health and safety.

The advantages of OHSAS 18001:

  • It is a systematic approach, which results in improvement.
  • It is an essential foundation of a sustainability policy.
  • The certificate is internationally recognized.
  • Compliance with legislation and regulations is an integral part.
  • It gives an organization insight into its inherent risks and ways to control them.
  • New insights into the organization’s own processes save time and money.
  • Certification demonstrates the organization’s commitment.


With the certificate, an organization demonstrates that it is meeting all the requirements in the standard; this makes the certificate a valuable means of communication. Other companies can require an OHSAS 18001 certificate as a condition for purchasing or contracting particular services.


List of OHSAS 18001 certified organizations (available in Dutch)

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