Why ISO 14001?

More than 250,000 organizations around the entire world are ISO 14001-certified. Click here for a list of certified organizations in the Netherlands (available in Dutch).

The advantages of ISO 14001:

  • A systematic approach that leads to improvement.
  • An essential foundation underlying any sustainability policy.
  • An internationally recognized certificate.
  • Compliance with legislation and regulations is an integral part.
  • It gives an organization insight into its inherent risks and ways to control them.
  • New insights into the organization’s own processes save time and money.
  • Certification demonstrates the organization’s commitment.


With the certificate, an organization demonstrates that it is meeting all the requirements in the standard; this makes the certificate a valuable means of communication. Customers, supervisory bodies and one’s neighbours all have an interest in the environmental performance of an organization, and thereby in the certificate.


List of ISO 14001-certified organizations (only available in Dutch)

Search the database of certified organisations (Dutch):

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