Once the accredited environmental verifier has validated the environmental management system and environmental statement, the organization can apply to the ‘competent body’ in their member state for registration. SCCM has been designated as the competent body by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment in the Netherlands.

Term of registration

An organization is registered for a period of three years. It must submit a complete environmental statement every three years. In each of the two intervening years an updated environmental statement is sufficient. The updated environmental statements only need to indicate any differences since the previously published environmental statement.

Corporate registration

If the organization is a division of a larger organization, it may also apply for a ‘corporate registration’ in the EU member state where its headquarters is located. In this case the competent body in the relevant member state will arrange for registration, working with the competent body (or bodies) in the member state(s) where the organization has branches.

Costs and conditions of registration

SCCM does not charge a fee for the EMAS registration of organizations with headquarters in the Netherlands. There are costs associated if SCCM performs a corporate registration in which it must coordinate with the competent body abroad. When applying for EMAS registration, the organization must declare it has agreed with the conditions for registration.

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