Why ISO 50001?

Reducing our CO2 emissions is one of today’s most pressing issues.  Every organization can make some contribution to reducing its CO2 emissions. The fact that this can reduce costs also makes it attractive to do. An energy management system helps an organization work systematically on reducing its energy consumption. This is a part of the pollution reduction aimed at by organizations practicing sustainable business. If an organization with an ISO 14001 certificate has identified energy as an important environmental aspect, the ISO 50001 standard can be used to tackle this aspect more vigorously (on top of the ISO 14001 certificate).

Having an ISO 50001 certificate helps companies and organizations to structure their energy management. Starting with a policy statement, it works step by step towards continual improvement of the organization’s energy efficiency. Given today’s high energy prices, this will not only lead to a significant cost savings, but will also make a positive contribution to solving other global problems such as climate change and the depletion of resources. Moreover, organizations can distinguish themselves from international competitors by having themselves ISO 50001 certified.

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